Security Dealers: Earn $15 for each 3G to LTE Radio Upgrade

All major network carriers in the US, including AT&T and Verizon, are transitioning to 4G LTE networks. AT&T has announced it is no longer accepting new activations on its 3G network, effective October 1.

Nortek Control wants to help security dealers like you through this transition period. We have a full assortment of LTE radios. This is an ideal opportunity to upgrade your 2GIG customers currently on 3G to the enhanced speed and performance of 4G LTE. Plus, you can earn a $15 rebate on every radio you upgrade before the end of December, 2021. The 2GIG GC2 and GC3 security panels deliver legendary performance trusted by millions. This performance is maximized with 4G LTE.

The replacement program is provider-specific. To qualify for the rebate, the upgrade must be from 3G to 4G LTE. 

Get started earning rebates now, here’s how it works:
  • Register for the program with Nortek Control at the appropriate link below (note: you’ll need to submit a W9 so we can send you the rebate).
  • If you work with both, you’ll need to register twice (once at each link) to be sure to get credit all your upgrades.
  • Eligibility will begin the day the form is submitted to Nortek Control.
  • At the start of each month, will notify Nortek Control of the number of radios you upgraded in the previous month.
  • We will send you a check for $15 for every radio you upgraded. (Checks will process by roughly the 20th of the month.)
  • Program ends on December 31, 2021

4G LTE Radios for GC2 Panels

  • 2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC2 (Verizon LTE for
  • 2GIG-LTEA-A-GC2 (AT&T LTE for

4G LTE Radios for GC3 Panels

  • 2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC3 (Verizon LTE for
  • 2GIG-LTEA-A-GC3 (AT&T LTE for


Contact your local distributor to order 2GIG 4G LTE radios.

All rebates will be based on the information received and validated by and by Nortek Control.



This is to support the dealers and dealer programs as they migrate from 3G/CDMA to 4G/LTE only. The replacement program is provider specific. To qualify for the rebate, the upgrade is to