2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel

The Ultimate Edge in Home Security

The 2GIG EDGE™ panel sets a new benchmark in form and function with its sleek design that is thinner and more powerful than ever. Our on the edge processing technology is the difference that enables touchless disarm and the industry-first home security system with built-in face recognition and analytics within the panel itself – so private data stays private for greater peace of mind.

Introducing 2GIG’s latest software update – Edge 1.3, packed with innovative features to enhance installation experience. With support for E+ Extended Range Sensors, wireless sensor enrollment is easier and quicker by streamlining programming steps with pre-populated defaults. With the panel display of RSSI values, dealers can keep track of sensor signal strength enabling efficient troubleshooting, thus reducing truck rolls. For added customization and catering to a wider range of devices, the update includes the option for normally open programming for select sensors. Dealers can save time and effort during panel servicing with the Z-Wave backup and restore functionality through alarm.com. Elevate your security system offerings with these cutting-edge features to enable efficient and reliable security installation.  


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Key Benefits:

Industry-First Face Recognition Disarm

Touchless convenience Integrated face recognition and Bluetooth technologies significantly streamline operation – no putting down grocery bags to disarm the alarm system.

Easy Installation and Programming

The 2GIG EDGE panel was designed with you in mind. Quick easy access to the features you need to enable with the flexibility to support any application you may encounter on the job site.

Data Privacy

Increased Data Privacy and Extra Security. Packed with built-in features homeowners demand -- on board camera, 2-way audio, cell radio, glass break sensor. Homeowners can feel secure in knowing processing analytics on the panel vs the cloud will better protect their information.

Smart Home Capabilities

Ability to customize with controls, rules, scenes, and notifications. Z-Wave 700 series supports large ecosystem of security equipment and smart devices. Voice control through home automation tools like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo and Siri Shortcuts.

Live View Video

The 2GIG EDGE panel will work with your indoor camera, outdoor camera, and doorbell camera with up to 8 different camera feeds viewable directly from the panel. View 4 camera feeds at a time.

Advanced Technology

The 2GIG EDGE is the most innovative, award-winning panel in the market packed with cutting edge design details including a blazing fast quad-core processor, amazing rich colors, brighter screen that is double in size and superb audio with front-facing, dual speakers and dual microphones.

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