E+ Extended Range Sensors

The new E+ Extended Range Sensors pairs with the innovative 2GIG EDGE panel expanding business opportunities for integrators, and peace of mind for clients.

The Future of Smart Home Security Technology

The most secure way to disarm a home security system with hands-free convenience. Our cutting-edge enhancements include a bigger viewing area, higher resolution, two speakers, and dual speakers, the 2GIG EDGE delivers superb audio quality and voice communication. The bold industrial design has bright displays with an updated user interface (UI) that allows one button access to smart home functions and on-screen control of all Smart Areas.

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Revolutionizing the Pro-install Security Market

The 2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel is packed with industry-first features all built on a powerful platform of reliability and data privacy. The 2GIG EDGE panel was designed for you. It has easy installation and programming with quick and easy access to support any application.

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The 2GIG Security Ecosystem

Dealers depend upon 2GIG quality and field-proven reliability with more than 3 million systems and 35 million sensors deployed.

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Solutions with Security at the Core

As a leading system innovator with a primary focus on security, we continue to deliver advanced, more reliable and exceptional 2GIG residential and commercial solutions.

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Reliability Trusted by Millions

2GIG products deliver ever-increasing functionality, rock-solid reliability and frictionless upgradeability that also protect dealer investments.

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