Exclusive Rebates for SecureNet Customers

All major network carriers in the US, including AT&T and Verizon, have announced they will soon discontinue 3G services and transition to 4G LTE networks. Carriers are not allowing any 3G activations or re-activations and are strongly encouraging users to upgrade their devices before 3G service is discontinued. The cut-off of 3G service is expected to happen as early as February 2022.

This is an ideal opportunity to upgrade your SecureNet 3G customers to 2GIG® security product 4G LTE solutions! With a full assortment of 2GIG LTE radios and a number of exclusive SecureNet offers, you can plan ahead for a cost-effective seamless transition for your customers.

*The $50 Replacement Rebate program is valid for any current 2GIG Rely, DSC, Vista, Simon, NX, Concord and Helix (Connect+), currently connected to SecureNet via a 3G or CDMA service. This offer is exclusive to SecureNet and not available through other service providers.



  • Register for the program with Nice North America at the link below (note: You’ll need to submit a W9 to receive the rebate).
  • Eligibility will begin the day the form is submitted to Nice North America.
  • At the start of each month, SecureNet will notify Nice North America of the number of radios you upgraded in the previous month.
  • Nortek will send you a check for $15 for every 2GIG 3G/CDMA system upgrade, $50 for every eligible non-2GIG panel upgrade, and $10 for each translator upgrade. (Checks will generally process on the 20thof the month.)
  • Program ends on December 31, 2021.




Contact your local distributor to order 2GIG radios, panels, and translators.
All rebates will be based on the information received and validated by SecureNet and Nice North America.

Important: These programs are SecureNet specific and support dealers and dealer programs as they upgrade from SecureNet serviced 3G/CDMA devices to SecureNet 4G/LTE devices only.