03/2012 — Over 14,000 Tornado Real-Time Alerts Sent to 2GIG’s Home Security Panels Last Weekend

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | March 8, 2012

LEHI, UT–(Marketwire – Mar 8, 2012) – Most homeowners rely on security panels just to warn them of break-ins. However, last weekend, over 14,000 customers with 2GIG Technologies’ Go!Control and Alarm.com’s interactive service received real-time severe weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service about tornado activity. The warnings were delivered directly to the Go!Control panel, giving customers additional time to seek protection from dangerous weather conditions. This new capability extends beyond traditional home break-in protection to alert people of external events that could put their families and belongings at risk. Many people are caught off-guard in severe weather situations because they are not listening to the radio or watching TV when a weather warning is issued. Nocturnal tornadoes are especially dangerous, because it is nearly impossible to see them approaching and many residents are asleep. Alarm.com’s Severe Weather Alerts ensure that if a person is inside their home or business he or she will be forewarned when a tornado, severe weather, or fire is headed their way.

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