Nice Announces New Line of Extended Range Sensors for Elevated Security

Mike Laurel | April 9, 2024

Outdoor and indoor smart home security solution combines versatility, innovation, and reliability with enhanced encryption to create a more secure environment


CARLSBAD, Calif., April 9, 2024Nice, a global leader in Home and Building Management solutions, today announced the E+ Extended Range Sensors by 2GIG®, a new line of devices bringing enhanced security coverage to residential and commercial properties. By expanding its portfolio with extended range sensors, Nice aims to provide end users with the peace of mind that they are protected with the latest technology while delivering new business opportunities for integrators.

“At Nice, we’re building the future of security with the launch of our E+ Sensors from 2GIG,” said Emanuel Bertolini, CEO, Nice North America. “But these aren’t just sensors; they represent a peace of mind for customers by covering every corner of their property with enhanced security solutions. By offering more secure, intelligent living spaces we’re moving beyond traditional barriers and empowering customers to come and go as they please without being overly concerned about security. With E+ sensors, we’re not just moving towards the future; we’re creating a safer, smarter world… one sensor at a time.”

Paired with the innovative 2GIG® EDGE panel, this solution combines versatility, innovation, and reliability. With sleek modern designs that seamlessly integrate into any environment, the E+ sensors include coverage for door/window, motion, smoke, and glass break detectors.

E+ Indoor Door/Window Contact Sensor

Designed with a pre-included spacer, the E+ Indoor Door Window sensor seamlessly fits the curves of most doors and windows. The magnet’s closer proximity to the sensor effectively reduces false alarms, providing consistent performance. Intelligently crafted with a rounded outer and square interior, its versatile design enables quick and accurate installation, broadening its range to more door and window applications. With a battery life of up to 8 years, users can enjoy long-lasting operation.

E+ Outdoor Wireless Contact Sensor

The E+ Outdoor Wireless Contact sensor is a weather-rugged security solution that is IP56 certified and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures from -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Versatile design allows for easy installation on gates, garages or poles, making it perfect for curved spaces. With a range of up to 2KM and a 5-year battery life, it provides comprehensive and reliable security.

E+ Motion Detector

The E+ Motion Detector harnesses the power of passive infrared technology to accurately sense movement within an impressive range of 30 by 50 feet. This sensor includes pet immunity, filtering out the movements of pets weighing up to 85 lbs.

E+ Glass Break Detector

The E+ Glass Break Detector offers a versatile range of options to support a variety of glass types, including plate, tempered, laminated, and coated glass. This performance-designed detector ensures the safety of customers’ homes by promptly detecting any glass shattering noise with a 15-foot radius. Utilizing a dual-stage detection algorithm of thud and crash, the detector minimizes false alarms from everyday household noise. Providing up to a 5-year battery life, it minimizes the need for frequent replacements, saving time and money.

E+ Smoke/Heat/Freeze Detector

The E+ Smoke Heat and Freeze Detector is a photoelectric smoke detection solution that detects both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat. Its advanced One Go / All Go feature seamlessly interconnects smoke detectors, ensuring that when one is triggered, all connected E+ Smoke Detectors will sound the alarm. This not only boosts overall safety but also creates a heightened sense of urgency during emergencies.

Edge 1.3 Firmware Update

In addition to the line of sensors, users will also have access to 2GIG’s latest software update – Edge 1.3 – that enables easier, quicker installation by streamlining programming steps with pre-populated defaults. Dealers can keep track of sensor signal strength enabling efficient troubleshooting through a panel display of RSSI values, thus reducing truck rolls. For added customization and interoperability with a wider range of devices, the update includes the option for normally open programming for select sensors. Dealers can save time and effort during panel servicing with the Z-Wave backup and restore functionality through alarm.com.

“With the launch of E+ Sensors, we’re not just delivering innovative security solutions, we’re expanding opportunities for our partners,” said Julio Ferreira, Chief Sales Officer, Nice North America. “These new offerings are more than an advancement in security solutions, they’re a way for our dealers and integrators to tap into new residential and commercial markets, meet the demand for comprehensive security in larger spaces, and add to our collective competitive edge. At Nice, we’re committed to supporting the growth of our partners by equipping them with the latest innovations in security. E+ sets new standards and enables us to redefine security to drive success together.”

To place an order for the E+ Extended Range by 2GIG®, please contact your Nice regional sales manager. For more information, visit 2GIG.com.

About Nice North America

Nice North America, a subsidiary of Nice, is one of the largest manufacturers of smart residential, commercial, and industrial solutions in the world, with seamless and easy-to-install technology for smart home control, security and automation, perimeter access, protection and control, sunshade solutions, power management, and whole home entertainment. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, with several R&D and manufacturing centers across the region. Professional integrators, dealers, and distribution partners grow their business with CEU training and education, technical and field support, and award-winning sales and marketing programs. The company is a proud national sponsor of the Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E. program, supporting wounded veterans and their families with specially adapted smart homes. For further information, visit www.niceforyou.com


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