Build Your Business with 2GIG and Nice/Nice North America University

Pam Volpe | May 25, 2022

Let us help you build your business by learning more about 2GIG courses and Nice/Nice North America University.

Think about a time when learning new skills might come in handy.

Here’s one: Imagine you’re in front of a homeowner and they’re watching you install their new security system. You accidentally forgot the product’s instruction manual at home. Oh, and the security system is not turning on.

Now what?

Without a plan, and learning new skills necessary to execute that plan, you’re going to run into trouble – and fast.

Let’s talk about Nice/Nice North America University and why it’s important for security integrators to know how they can learn new skills about 2GIG® security products/techniques.


Build your business with Nice University

What is Nice/Nice North America University?

Nice/Control University is an online platform where our Dealer and Distribution Partners can learn about products, installation processes, advice from our technical team, and more for brands 2GIG®, ELAN®, Linear®, Nice|HySecurity®, SpeakerCraft®, Panamax®, Proficient®, Furman®, Gefen®, and Numera®.

We made it convenient and affordable to register for Nice/Nice North America University- all 2GIG training courses, webinars, and certifications are FREE and can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy learning at your own pace wherever you are!


How Do I Access Training and Certification Courses?

Here’s how:

Enter Code: NCUSOCIAL and Sign up here.

Yes, It’s really that easy!


Build your business with Nice University

Why Earn a 2GIG® Certification?

Our Certifications validate your abilities to customers, supervisors, peers, and potential employers by recognizing your core skills and knowledge about 2GIG® security products.

It’s time to distinguish yourself from competitors by having a certification that promotes professional development and is recognized as an industry standard.

Available *2GIG Certification Courses:

•  2GIG EDGE Technical Certification

•  2GIG GC2e Technical Certification

•  2GIG GC3e Technical Certification

•  2GIG New Home Program Certification

*Please keep in mind that we recommend taking our 2GIG Certification courses every two years for updated information.

Get 2GIG Certified and Learn all about our New Home Program.


Build your business with Nice University

How Many Courses Are Available?

We currently have over 100 courses and 400 learning modules available across the entire Nice/Nice North America University!

Available courses for 2GIG:

•  Introducing the 2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel

•  2GIG EDGE Adding Keypads

•  2GIG EDGE Adding Smart Devices

•  2GIG ONVIF Cameras

•  2GIG EDGE Streaming Alarm.com (ADC) Cameras

•  2GIG EDGE Ecosystem: Attachments, Sensors, and Cameras

•  2GIG EDGE Bluetooth Disarm

•  2GIG EDGE Face Recognition: Secure, Hands-Free Disarming

•  2GIG EDGE eSeries Sensors: End to End Encryption

•  2GIG EDGE Integrating Security Cameras

•  2GIG EDGE Smart Home Automation Capabilities

Become an expert on any 2GIG security products you sell!


Build your business with Nice University

How Will These Courses and Certifications Help my Employees and/or Build my Business?

Our business is to help you build yours. Begin by learning more about our security products and gaining new skills at Nice/Nice North America University.

After taking our courses and becoming 2GIG Certified, you’ll be able to recommend more than just security products because you’ll understand other aspects of what your customer needs, such as smart home automation solutions.

Nice/Nice North America University lays the groundwork for you and your employees to advance your security industry skills, which will benefit your company’s long-term growth.

Sign up for Nice/Nice North America University today and join a partnership for growth.


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