04/2011 – [ISC West 2011] Exclusive Update – 2GIG Technologies

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | April 20, 2011

[ISC West 2011] Exclusive Update – 2GIG Technologies

April 10, 2011 – CocoonTech visited the 2GIG Technologies booth to see their new and popular alarm security systems that were being displayed at this year’s ISC West conference.  The 2GIG alarm systems have grown very popular with professional installers since they were put on the market in the recent year, mainly due to their economical system pricing! Their main panel is interfaced via a GSM cellular sim card through Alarm.com.  They are also offering a new ‘remote’ panel that communicates wirelessly to the main panel.  You can have up to four of these secondary panels talking to one main panel.

2GIG also offers a variety of sensors for security and automation needs including motion, glass-break, carbon monoxide, smoke, door/window, and thermostats detectors/sensors.  They also offer Z-Wave door locks and lighting interfaces as well. The sensors interface with a 345 MHz to the main panel, and there is a Z-Wave radio in the main panel as well that will interface with the door locks, thermostats and lighting.

They also have a unique ‘takeover module’ where you can interface eight zones per module and can have three of these modules interfaced to one panel.  Now you can directly wire existing hardwired sensors to this takeover module and they will be included with the system!  Below is a picture of one with the (blank) case removed.

2GIG also has an iPad and iPhone interface to the main panel for remote monitoring and control of this system.

For more information on 2GIG please go to their website.