2GIG® Smart Areas™ Offer Homeowners Peace of Mind

Pam Volpe | September 24, 2021
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Peace of mind isn’t always a one-size-fits-all option, which is why we introduced 2GIG® Smart Areas™ for the EDGE security panel, enhancing your sense of security by making it easier than ever to personalize security systems with partitioned zones based on user preferences. 

The 2GIG Smart Areas functionality enables greater flexibility for homeowners that would like to keep some areas of their property protected at the same time others may be disarmed. This functionality lets users choose the rooms or sections of their home that they want to secure, and do so within the seamless platform that is exceptionally easy to manage from the 2GIG EDGE security panel or remotely on the Alarm.com app.

Here are just a few ways homeowners can use 2GIG Smart Areas partitioning to personalize peace-of-mind home security 

  • Ensure Easy Package Delivery: Unarm the garage so packages can be delivered when no one is home while keeping the rest of their home armed. Of course, the 2GIG system enables video monitoring to confirm the delivery. 
  • Secure Valuables or Firearms: Keep valuables and guns protected by permanently arming a section of the room where safes, guns or valuables are located. 
  • Manage an In-Law or Guest Suite: Guests can arm/disarm security separately from the main house and the other smart area partitions can be off-limits to guests. 
  • Manage Rental Unit: Homeowners can rent out a spare room, or a vacation home – such as through Airbnb→ – and manage security with temporary guest access and smart locks. 
  • Keep Children Safe by the Pool: Secure the swimming pool or spa area 24 hours a day, even when the rest of the system is disarmed, to help reduce the risk of drowning accidents. 
  • Block Dangerous Areas: Keep children or family members away from potentially dangerous areas, such as medications in a medicine cabinet. 

The ability to arm and disarm up to four partitions independently makes 2GIG EDGE security systems more personalized than ever before. Each smart area partition controls its local zone status, alerts, and notifications. As a one-touch solution, users can access any partition with appropriate authorization, getting to ‘Arm/Disarm’ and ‘Emergency/Panic’ functions quickly. 

Additionally, the simplified 2GIG interface reduces confusion and frustration for users who may not interact with their security system every day. With the common tasks displayed upfront, it’s easy to make selections. Plus, unique sound options for each Smart Area will quickly alert the user to possible issues in the zones that match that particular sound.