NSC Introduces 2GIG® Smoke Detector Sensor

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | April 6, 2016

Las Vegas, NV – April 6-8, 2016 – ISC West 2016 – Sands Booth #20031 – Nice North America LLC, a Nice Company (NASDAQ: NTK) and leader in the security, smart home and wellness technology markets, announces the 2GIG® Smoke Detector Sensor available to dealers and installers looking to provide their customers with a smarter layer of protection to their interconnected smoke detector system via a smart, retrofit smoke detector sensing solution that works in tandem with their existing wireless 2GIG alarm panel.

The new 2GIG® Smoke Detector Sensor (aka 2GIG “Smoke Ring”) mounts directly between an existing AC-powered interconnected smoke detector and the wall or ceiling and converts the existing smoke detector into a wireless device that can be used in conjunction with the 2GIG GC2 and new 2GIG GC3 alarm panels and systems for more advanced monitoring. Traditional interconnected smoke detectors are designed to trigger each other and send audible alerts throughout the home if any one of the connected units detect smoke, but many are not equipped to communicate that event directly to the alarm panel.

Unlike other ‘listening-type’ devices on the market, the 2GIG® Smoke Detector Sensor does not react to the sound of the interconnected smoke detector but is instead triggered by an electric signal which cuts down on false alarms and increases reliability. Upon alarm, the 2GIG ‘Smoke Ring’ receives the electrical signal from the connected smoke detector and sends a wireless signal to the paired alarm panel which in turn alerts the proper authorities or homeowner of the emergency via their smartphone or other connected device.

Designed as a retrofit solution for interconnected AC-powered smoke detector systems, only one 2GIG Smoke Detector Sensor is required to monitor the entire house and connect to the 2GIG alarm panel. The 2GIG ‘Smoke Ring’ allows security dealers and installers to add an additional – and smarter – layer of protection to their customer’s home by providing a professionally-monitored alert signal transmission when smoke is detected by any or all of the interconnected AC-powered smoke detectors.

“The new 2GIG ‘Smoke Ring’ enhances homeowners’ standard AC-powered smoke detector systems by enabling wireless connectivity to a 2GIG GC2 or GC3 alarm panel,” said Avi Rosenthal, vice president of security & control products for Nice North America. “Traditional smoke detector systems do a marvelous job of alerting homeowners of an emergency when they’re home, but not if the occupants are away. A single 2GIG Smoke Detector Sensor is capable of monitoring an entire household by leveraging the interconnectivity of existing smoke detectors and when used in conjunction with a 2GIG panel, alert the homeowner or the authorities of an emergency. The 2GIG ‘Smoke Ring’ is a prime example of how through 2GIG, every smart home can be smarter.”

The 2GIG ‘Smoke Ring’ is UL 217 certified, features a simple three-wire installation and uses the same AC-line current that powers the existing smoke detector to ensure that the sensor is always on. In the event of a power outage, the 2GIG ‘Smoke Ring’ features a 7+ day battery backup for uninterruptable power. The 2GIG Smoke Detector Sensor has been tested and verified to operate with a number of the leading interconnected, hardwired smoke detector systems available on the market today, and is slated to ship in April 2016.

The 2GIG Smoke Detector Sensor will be on display at ISC West in Las Vegas in the Nice North America booth #20031 (Sands).

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