A New Year Calls for New 2GIG® Smart Home Technology for Enhanced Security in Multi-family Properties

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | December 15, 2020

Start off 2021 with the gift of enhanced security in multi-family properties

As we head into 2021, most people take time to reflect on the year prior and set resolutions for the new year ahead. For property managers and developers, meeting their tenant’s security and lifestyle needs is always top of mind. We’re here to help!  We recently launched new smart devices to make security in multi-family properties more convenient for renters. Below we outline the advantages of these new products and how easily you can have them incorporated into your property.

Security in multi-family properties

Enhanced (and New) Security

The 2GIG® eSeries security panels are our most advanced and reliable systems to date. Offering unbeatable security, these panels feature encryption technology that enables a nearly hack-proof security system! Use the 2GIG GC2e or GC3e panel for added security in individual units or leasing offices. Some key benefits of our eSeries security panels include:

1. A system that can change with your needs-

• Add-on encrypted sensors

• Easily upgradeable

2. Improved audio control and sound

• Two-way voice control

• Front firing speaker

Plus, exciting new breakthrough security solutions are rolling out in 2021. Our 2GIG EDGE™ is an ultra-sleek security panel with cutting-edge security capabilities Get the advanced scoop here.

Security in multi-family properties

Comfort and Convenience from Anywhere

Did you know smart thermostats are the second-most added home automation product on the market today? Your tenants will appreciate the addition of our all-new Smart Z-Wave Plus Thermostat into their units throughout your property.  And you will too in your leasing offices and common areas!

Easily manageable from anywhere using a smart device, our smart thermostat gives users the utmost comfort, control and convenience while helping to lower heating and cooling costs. Learn more about the key features here.

Additional Safety and Peace of Mind

We understand the importance and necessity of having carbon monoxide (CO) detectors you and your residents can rely on. Our recently released 2GIG® Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm is designed to give residents and property managers ultimate peace of mind by not only detecting CO, but sending alerts directly to you in the case of an event. Compatible with our eSeries security panels, the encrypted CO detector sends alerts to the panel and your connected smart device. States require that all units have a functioning CO detector, so turn to 2GIG for assistance. For proper use and features, read our blog detailing safety precautions and best practices.

Whether it’s security, smart home automation or life safety sensors, 2GIG has the solution for every multi-family development! Trusted by millions and backed by advanced technology, we hope you make our products the brand of choice to meet yours and your residents’ needs.

We’re here to answer any questions and help get you the latest security solutions you need. We invite you to contact your local Sales Representative.