A Recap of Our Webinar Training with Alarm.com

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | June 3, 2020
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On May 28, 2020, we took part in a webinar training with Alarm.com to talk to our customers about remote installations and the many different resources that are available to you. The training also featured an exclusive interview with our Senior Vice President of Sales, Bruce Mungiguerra, who gave an exclusive update on current marketing trends in the security industry. If you missed out or are looking for a detailed recap of what we covered, check out the details below, including a link to the full webinar.

Webinar Training Coverage

The remote installation resources available from Alarm.com include templates for the different types of installations to help provide a consistent end result, save time, and ensure correct initial set-up. Through the 2GIG® Social Distance webinar, we provide social media training and marketing materials, simple remote installation tips and tricks, customer installation guides, and videos! Watch the entire webinar training with Alarm.com here.

Other topics included:

  • Utilizing the Alarm.com all-in-one app with 2GIG® security panels for a seamless end-user experience
  • Alleviating possible security concerns with 2GIG® encrypted sensors
  • Effortless partitions with the 2GIG® GC3e security panel
  • The 2GIG® GC2e security panel’s larger touchscreen and Z-Wave plus capabilities

An Overview of the Special Guest Interview

Our Senior Vice President of Sales, Bruce Mungiguerra, started off by acknowledging the recent COVID-19 pandemic and how we used this time to further connect with our dealers and explore different areas where we can assist our industry partners as well. As a result, we have added a number of different webinars and social distancing sales kits to our dealers.

We’re happy to report that over 4,000 people attended our webinars over the last two months. Mungiguerra shared the current state of the security industry and how we have seen many businesses bouncing back to pre-COVID levels in the last couple weeks. This has led to more commercial businesses opening and needing to be protected, showing the importance and value of added security through partitioning and video connection.

And as a reminder, our panels remain the most reliable and lowest cost to serve, which are key features to consider when it comes to dealer installations.

What’s Next?

Mungiguerra ended the session by sharing some big news with attendees. Our new security panel will be showcased at the ISC West event in October, which will be a “big game changer” in the industry. Our new panel includes a number of exciting features, including the utilization of IntelliVision® software and a lower price tag.

Be sure to keep a lookout for more information later this year!