Case Study: 2GIG Partner Innovate Security For Life Tackles Massive 95-Zone Security System

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | March 15, 2022
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When Innovate Security for Life was tasked with installing an enormous 95-zone security system in Portland, Oregon – they knew they’d need to find the right technology for this massive job.


Installation at a Glance 

Location:  Residence in Portland, Oregon 

Scale:  Enormous, 95-zone home security system  

Integrator: Innovate Security for Life    

CHALLENGE:  Leading security dealer in Oregon, Innovate, sought a feature-rich, technologically advanced home security system that was both easily expandable and easy to install for a very large residential installation that required 95-zone monitoring.

SOLUTION:  After all the top brands were evaluated, the integrators at Innovate selected the 2GIG EDGE™ panel for its innovative technologies, industry-first capabilities, ease of operation and simplified set up. Designed to be the center of today’s smart home with an intuitive user interface, it was the ideal system Innovate was looking for their expansive project in Oregon.  Innovate installers were able to seamlessly connect the system to cameras and doorbell cameras allowing their customer to directly view video in real time from up to eight different camera feeds.  

Furthermore, the 2GIG EDGE system allowed for simplified customization of the panel enabling the straightforward set up of many monitoring areas using controls, rules, scenes, notifications and Smart Areas™ zone partitioning. Adding to the ease of installation was Innovate’s breakthrough magnetic mounting solution that greatly simplifies installation giving the customer unlimited freedom to select where each component will be placed.  

“With the excellent features provided with the 2GIG EDGE panel, we were able to showcase the goal of all Innovate installs, which is to provide only products that meet our professional-grade, easy-to-install standards. The 2GIG EDGE system along with our patented magnetic mounting components made this particularly large and involved installation so much easier to manage and implement. The advanced features of 2GIG EDGE panels also embody the primary principles we stress in making security and life safety the foundation of all smart home system design we support at Innovate,” said Graham Hausler, Founder and CEO at Innovate.


  • Outstanding customer satisfaction – homeowner is thrilled with advanced security capabilities: face recognition touchless disarm, voice chime intrusion notification and remote key unlock. 
  • Installation time was cut by over 50% with ease of programming even up to 95 zones!
  • Enables dealers to:
    • Maximize productivity while meeting large-scale install requirements 
    • Offer a complete, compelling, and competitive security solution 
    • Provide industry-first security capabilities that deliver added customer convenience