Dealer Insights: Navigating the New Normal

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | May 26, 2020
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As we approach the official start of summer — which historically is the busiest selling time in the security industry — we checked-in to see what navigating the new normal looks like for our dealers. Todd Johnson, CEO of Connect Security, shared his insights and how his business is adapting and navigating through these uncertain times.

Johnson explained that his company continues to stay competitive even during the slowdown and the expected drop in sales. “In the first few weeks [of the COVID-19 pandemic], we saw a 50 percent drop in sales. But we looked at creative ways to adapt and in the last few weeks we have seen a significant increase in sales; I would say we are back up to about 80 percent of what we forecasted in sales.”

Some of the strategies Connect Security put in place were ones that had already been on Johnson’s “to-do list,” he explained. “The most important thing we did was to finally put more focus on many of marketing ‘to-do’s,’ including overhauling our customer referral process, our social media presence and our SEO strategy.”

Johnson said that his company’s focus on new marketing strategies — and executing on those strategies — is something that he will continue to pursue while navigating the new normal post-COVID.

In addition, Johnson said that the mandated Stay-at-Home orders really forced him to look at different techniques to connect and communicate with his customers. He said that the biggest success his business had was from focusing on customer referrals.

“We have focused on our existing customers and how we can help them in the near- and long-term, and in turn how they can assist us now through referrals,” he said. “That has been very helpful to us.”

Back to Business

Johnson has offices throughout the Southwest U.S., where Stay-at-Home restrictions vary. In Arizona, for example, the Stay-at-Home orders were lifted in the last week, so the amount of business activity certainly varies from state to state, he explained.

While Johnson explained that door knockers will continue to be a big part of the selling culture in security sales, albeit much slower during the pandemic, he explained that other employees may benefit from more flexibility post-COVID.

“Technology allowed us to keep all our employees and work from home through these past weeks. A few will continue to work remotely moving forward,” said Johnson.

Johnson explained that door knockers will always be a big component of security sales and doesn’t believe there is a “new normal” that exists where those opportunities are eliminated.

Johnson is hopeful the industry will continue to bounce back as more states begin to ease restrictions. He mentioned that customers are still invested in their safety and security, which is why business seems to be coming back quickly.

“During trying times, that peace of mind that comes with security seems to be the focus,” said Johnson.