Edge vs Cloud Computing

Pam Volpe | October 14, 2021
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We’ve always mentioned how the 2GIG® EDGE Security and Automation Panel is equipped with on-the-edge processing technology, but have you ever wondered about the difference between Edge vs Cloud Computing? Or if one has any major advantages over the other?

These days, edge and cloud computing have always been mentioned when it comes to smart devices that communication via the internet, and in some organizations, both can be present and can work together to accomplish certain tasks. No wonder it can be easy for people to think that edge and cloud computing are the same even though these are totally two different computing processes.

We’ve put together this handy checklist to showcase the biggest differences between the two smart home network options:

Edge vs Cloud Computing

In the context of smart home security and automation, these pros and cons between Edge vs Cloud Computing can be crucial to choosing the smart home security system that best suit your organization’s needs and budget. Some organizations even opt for a hybrid infrastructure that combines both edge and cloud computing depending on certain needs.

Whatever infrastructure you are choosing between the two, it pays to learn more about each of them and how they can help you achieve your organization’s goals.