We’re Here for You, Dealers — Anytime and Anywhere!

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | May 4, 2020
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Spending more time at home and less time out in the field? No problem, we still have you covered. We’re here for you with all your installation and programming needs anytime and anywhere. Need to rename a Z-Wave device? Sure thing. Want to learn how to enroll a wireless zone into a smart area? No problem. Forgot how to create a schedule? Here’s how.

We offer an extensive training video library that gives you detailed step-by-step installation and maintenance instructions for a
broad range of products and topics.

Still have a question or want a more personalized 1:1 approach? We are making that easy, too — just contact your Regional Sales Manager. We’re here for you to help you succeed!

With all of our training resources and dealer support services easily accessible to you online, you can improve your hand at selling while physically distancing from the rest of society from the comfort of your home amid the pandemic.

In-Depth Training

We offer eight free webinars a week! From tips and tricks to social distance selling and installing, we are sure there’s something for you. Sign up now for the webinars that match your needs.

We are committed to giving you the resources that will help you stay informed and competitive while keeping your business moving – no matter the circumstances.