How Our Radio Rebate Program Benefits Dealers

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | November 30, 2020
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In this blog series, we’ve discussed the sunset of 3G and warned dealers of the current need to transition 3G equipment customers soon before network carrier support ends. To help motivate this transition, we recently announced the extension of our rebate program through March 31, 2021!

So what benefits can dealers expect from the radio rebate program?  One big incentive is that security dealers will earn a $15 rebate on every radio upgraded before the March 2021 deadline. Dealers also have an opportunity to upsell customers to the 2GIG® GC2 and GC3 security panels that have delivered legendary performance trusted by millions. Homeowners will be thrilled that this performance will be further maximized with 4G LTE.

But wait, there’s more to be earned! We have more tips on the many ways you can use this rebate program as an upsell opportunity with your customers.

Upgrade Opportunities Await

How many customers do you have with 3G equipment? We’re guessing quite a few. We advise mapping out a plan to upgrade your existing customers to prevent costly disruptions in service and potential loss of customers.

We also know that service calls can be costly. After polling several dealers, we learned that costs vary from $150 to $250, including the price of the new radio. In addition to this expense, a service call to upgrade a radio also takes a technician away from a profitable new install.

Turn this negative into a positive, profitable visit with the following tips:

  • Suggest promotional offers to your customers during these upgrades. For example, we have a promotion where security dealers save 20% on four of our most popular sensors. Find your local Sales Rep for more information. (Note: The sensor promotion is valid now through December 31, 2020)
  • Offer to install additional home automation devices such as the new 2GIG Smart Z-Wave® Plus Thermostat, Smart Plug-in Lamp Module or Smart Garage Door Controller. Any increase in RMR helps defray the costs of the service call. Plus, these smart solutions provide tangible security and convenience benefits for the homeowner giving them valuable peace of mind — a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Be a forward thinker and offer to switch out the current panel with a replaceable cell sled, such as the 2GIG GC3e Security System. With this advanced system, dealers don’t have to roll a truck for future technological updates. We’ve made it so easy to upgrade; all that a dealer has to do is simply mail out a new radio!

Turn lemons into lemonade with our radio rebate program and start upgrading your customers today!