Security: A Must-Have in Multi-Family Properties

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | October 19, 2020

Multi-family properties are a popular choice for renters, and according to the National Multifamily Housing Council approximately 37 percent of renters currently live in apartments across the country. Developers are taking note and are working with industry partners to attract new tenants with enhanced offerings at new community developments.

Of the many amenities offered to tenants today, security continues to be top of mind for many renters and even property managers who oversee multi-family properties. That’s where 2GIG® security comes in. The 2GIG Builder Program is one partner that is helping introduce security to these communities.

Read why more multi-family properties are offering security as part of their move-in home packages.

Deter Crime

Burglaries and overall crime can be reduced when a security system is prevalent. Someone is less likely to commit a crime when the risk of an intervention (a loud blaring alarm, or someone being notified) is increased. In 2020, most burglaries were prevented from succeeding because of an alarm triggered with the home security system.

Easier Common Area Management

Imagine having eyes on common areas such as club houses, pools or gyms at all times. An added benefit of security is surveillance, which gives property managers the ability to catch crime and prevent it, and more importantly reminds tenants they are being protected.

The Core of Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation starts with security. With 2GIG security panels, a tenant can connect their security system to monitor multiple areas of their home, all through an app. Turn on the lights, set the temperature and even check in on our home when you’re away.

At the end of the day, security is a differentiator in multi-family properties. 2GIG security offers the peace of mind and convenience that matters to today’s tenants and property managers.

To learn how to add security to your next multi-family building, click here.