Social Distance Selling Made Easy

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | May 14, 2020
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It seems as if social distancing will be the new “norm” in the foreseeable future. This definitely has an impact on the security business and how we sell and install. The good news is we may be grounded, but not without resources. We have Social Distance Selling webinars, video trainings, and a new tool kit filled with resources to help!

Daily WebinarsWebinar
We are offering two webinars a day, every weekday. Along with installation and programming training webinars, we started new Social Distance Selling and Social Distance Installing webinars.

Our weekly Social Distance Selling webinar has become a popular go-to for dealers. Here’s some of the information we cover:

  • Tips for using social media with examples for three different types of platforms
  • Different methods and tips for getting referrals
  • The different resources 2GIG® and Alarm.com offer
  • How to manage installation in our current social distancing environment

Our “selling” focused webinar is offered every Monday at 2PM PST. On Fridays at 8AM PST, we dive into how to install security systems, while still practicing social distancing. Attend either of our social distance webinars and reach out to your local regional sales manager after, and we’ll send you a free desktop stand (2GIG-CP-DESK) and plug (2GIG-AC2-PLUG).

Sign up now for the webinar that meets your needs: https://www.learnnortekcontrol.com/nortek-university/

Resource-Packed Tool Kit
Check out the social distance selling tool kit we’ve created to help you succeed! Included in the tool kit:

  • Social media images and suggested copy points
  • Postcards for mailing or passing out for referrals
  • Doorhangers with Social Distance-friendly messaging
  • Owner Install Guide

Video Library
We also offer an extensive training video library that gives detailed step-by-step installation and maintenance instructions for a broad range of products and topics. Still want a more personalized 1:1 approach? We are making that easy, too — contact your Regional Sales Manager to get something scheduled. We’re here to help you succeed!