Make Your Holidays More Safe and Secure

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | December 1, 2020

The holidays are approaching and with them come additional security and home safety concerns. While this holiday season is like no other in recent memory and most will stick close to home, it is still wise to follow important guidelines to make your holidays safe and secure.

Let There Be Light – Making sure your home is well-lit is an important recommendation for both safety and security. Lighting, both inside and outside of the home, is a key deterrent to burglars. If you are going out of town or away for a length of time, investing in lighting timers is a good idea. It also doesn’t hurt to add some noise to the equation – leave on music or the TV.

Locked Up Tight – It should go without saying that when you leave your home all windows, doors, gates and even vehicles need to be locked. It is amazing how many opportunistic burglars look for easy access to your property from unlocked doors.

Be Neighborly – Inform your neighbors as well as local law enforcement if you will be out of town. If you live in a multi-tenant building, it is also good to tell the management and maintenance staff of your travel schedule so that they can keep watch too. What you should not do, however, is share your travels on social media. This allows potential burglars to track your whereabouts and see you’re away from your home.

Protect Your Porch – If possible, schedule package deliveries when you are home or have them sent to your workplace. They look great under the tree, but you may also want to keep wrapped packages hidden from sight. A beautiful Christmas tree in the front window can attract both good and bad attention.

Security System Peace of Mind – If keeping your building or home safe during the holidays is worrying you this year, then a proven security system is the answer. A burglar is less likely to commit a crime if they are aware of an alarm or know that law enforcement can be notified.

Adding even more value, a security system such as a 2GIG® eSeries panel can be the heart of a whole smart home automation system. By installing 2GIG security panels, a multi-family tenant or homeowner can simply use an app to monitor areas of the home. They can make sure lights are on and at the same time set the thermostat. It can even be connected to a smart doorbell to track those package deliveries.

To make your holidays more safe and secure, rely on 2GIG security products to deliver the confidence and convenience that multi-family tenants, property managers and homeowners all can trust.

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