Touchless Smart Access: The New Edge

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | August 30, 2021
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How smart does a security system need to be that can recognize you and only you for access to your home? Incredibly smart!

That level of intelligence is not just for defense systems, it is available now in the 2GIG® EDGE Security and Automation panel. This new system surpasses the IQ of any other smart home panel on the market today. Nice North America designed it using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and edge analytics technologies right into the panel itself. These advanced and smart access technologies enable the industry’s first face recognition touchless disarm. And, further supporting face recognition as the most secure way to disarm a system, the panel integrates anti-spoofing technology that ensures only the real live person can disarm the system.

Intelligent edge analytics and AI are also the basis for ensuring a homeowner’s biometric data used for secure access stays private. Because this information is only stored and saved on the panel, once homeowner data is deleted, it is deleted forever.

Smart access
Smart access

In addition, access can be customized by integrators. They are able tailor based on a homeowner’s personal needs with the integrated controls, rules, scenes, notifications and Smart Areas™ zone partitioning features available with the 2GIG EDGE.

Due to its powerful processor, users will appreciate the 2GIG EDGE panel’s speed in disarming and operating cameras that showcase the added value of what a professionally-installed system can offer. Its cutting-edge features also highlight what a truly next-generation platform this is giving integrators a competitive advantage in selling the evolution of home access control and security.

Compatibility with other smart home features further expands the usage of the 2GIG EDGE panel making it the center today’s smart home adding another level of homeowner convenience. A second industry first is the panel’s 100 percent compatibility with live feed of ONVIF cameras to the 2GIG EDGE panel. This allows homeowners to use existing ONVIF devices for their surveillance needs. And, because it is compatible with a broad array of home technologies and products, users can seamlessly connect to cameras, doorbell cameras and directly view video in real time from up to eight different camera feeds.

Using the 2GIG EDGE Panel and EDGE Remote Keypad – a secondary touch screen keypad – a homeowner can easily control each of these systems and be alerted to any changes that occur. One access control example shows what is possible with fully compatible 2GIG encrypted sensors and the Glass Break Detector. It can sense broken glass in a range of up to 15 feet and will relay this information directly to the EDGE panel indicating an intrusion.

Another way the EDGE panel works with other smart home automation products is with its built-in Z-Wave Plus V2 functionality. The Z-Wave Plus Smart Garage Door Opener Controller can be controlled directly from the EDGE panel and is compatible with virtually any automatic opener connected to a sectional door. All these systems can work directly with the 2GIG EDGE control panel with the help of an Alarm.com app giving users another way to control access with their mobile phone or with the panel at all times.

Yes, access control is now much smarter offering the functional conveniences and security that add to quality of life and increased peace of mind.

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