Up Close and Personal: Silmar Electronics Customers Engage with Showstopping Display of 2GIG® Security Products

matthew.bail@niceforyou.com | January 15, 2021
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Silmar Electronics

As part of an initiative to bring new and innovative solutions to our customers, Nice North America teamed up with Silmar Electronics to create a show-stopping display in their headquarters in Miami, Florida. Showcasing our latest 2GIG® security products, this interactive display wall includes various security panel, sensor and our new smart thermostat products featuring our advanced encryption technology.

Silmar Electronics, Inc. is one of the largest independent equipment distributors for security, access control, home automation and A/V systems in the United States. They offer complete system support, integrated solutions and technical training for professional installers and dealers. So, what better partner to build a strong relationship with!

Showcasing the 2GIG Security Ecosystem

 This exciting display grabs a dealer’s attention as soon as they enter Silmar’s headquarters. They get to see up close and personal our most advanced security and home automation solutions allowing dealers to actively test out the products we have to offer. “To have a display of this prominence in their headquarters required a very strong relationship and Silmar’s utmost confidence in our products,” stated Julio Rodriguez, senior national account manager for the Nice North America security business line. “We’ve received stellar reviews of the final demo wall display and the value it provides to further educate dealers.  Plus, the display wall is the perfect place to demonstrate innovative new 2GIG products that will further excite dealers and their customers when we launch them in.”

Along with the display of latest and greatest 2GIG products, dealers get convenient access to useful sales collateral such as sell sheets, product catalogs and more to share with customers. Dealers are invited to interact with the following 2GIG security products at Silmar’s Miami headquarters:

• Our latest highly secure, encryption-based security panels, the GC2e security & control panel and the GC3e premium security & control panel

• The all-new Smart Z-Wave Plus Thermostat

• Advanced hack-proof encrypted sensors including the Smoke/Heat/Freeze Detector, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Glass Break Detector, Water Leak Detector, Motion Sensor and more

“It is an excellent display design!” raved Karen Hurtado, marketing director for Silmar. “The design’s open space makes it very inviting for our customers to ‘zoom in’ so they can quickly learn about the important features of the solutions available.” 

Opportunity Meets Innovation and Collaboration

When first presented with the opportunity, it became clear that this was a chance to show the value each of our products adds to our dealers in a new and fresh way. Through the incredible collaboration between the marketing teams at Silmar Electronics and Nice North America, the two groups were able to create a comfortable living room scene that shows the value of each product to dealers in an inventive new way. The display wall was also created with the help of I2K Digital Solutions, per Silmar’s recommendation, to execute the overall look.

“The Silmar wall display demonstrates how a fresh, new approach in sales and marketing can make a huge impact in expanding product exposure,” said Stephanie Wong, Nice North America’s resident design engineer for 2GIG security products. “The visibility and product excitement it has already achieved is a testament to not only the display’s design, but to a dealer’s continual desire to learn more about the products they recommend and install.”

Hurtado added, “Word of the display is getting around; we have customers walking in and asking about it. It is truly a success!”

We are opening up this opportunity to other distributors of 2GIG products in order to collaborate on additional displays for 2GIG security products. Proven with Silmar, let us help you provide next-level branding and service that can attract more customers. Distributors are invited to seize the opportunity and contact your local sales manager today!