How 2GIG® Security Systems Help You Sell in Every Room of the House

Pam Volpe | October 6, 2021

So, you’ve stepped into a customer’s home for the first time. You’ve talked about security systems and smart home automation and now what? How do you sell them on the many benefits and features the 2GIG® EDGE panel and ecosystem can bring into their home? Simple: By pointing out the security and monitoring solutions they need for added peace of mind.  

Luckily, we have an entire line of products that can help your customers keep their homes safe and secure for as long as they’re away. Here are a few options you can recommend for added security: 


Doors – 4-Button Keyfob Remote 

Allows homeowners to conveniently arm or disarm their security panel with the push of a button on the remote. And use a Rule to automatically unlock the door and turn on lights when the remotes Unlock button is depressed. It’s also ideal for those who may not remember the panel code. 

Garage Door – Z-Wave Garage Door Controller 

Remotely control the garage door using the phone app or use the Alarm.com GeoFencing feature to automatically open or close when departing or arriving. Homeowners may also be interested in the Wireless Tilt Sensor, which notifies them if someone left the garage door open. 

Windows – Glass Break Detector 

Notifies homeowners in the event of a broken window caused by a burglar, windblown tree, or more.  

Smoke Detectors – FireFighter 

If a smoke detector goes off and the home is unoccupied, no one will know and there may be a significant delay before the fired department is notified. A Firefighter or Smoke Ring will immediately notify the monitoring service, who will dispatch the fire department. 

Interior Lighting – Z-Wave Smart Lights 

Replace energy wasting fluorescent or incandescent bulbs with energy efficient Z Wave LED lights which can be controlled by switches, an app, Scenes or Rules. Lights can also be turned on/off via a schedule, when a door opens, the system is armed/disarmed, when motion is detected, or when an alarm is triggered. 

Kitchen Appliances – Z-Wave Appliance Module 

Offers the convenience of using a phone app to remotely turn on an appliance (ex: Crock Pot) while away, so the homeowner may arrive home hours later to a cooked meal. 

Bathrooms/Kitchen/Laundry Room – Water Leak Detector 

Recommend placing 1 detector near each toilet, put another under the vanity (under the “j” trap). The same can be recommended for the kitchen: place one under the sink’s J trap, and another under the dishwasher.

Ready to point your customers towards the best home security system? Learn more about 2GIG® home security systems here.